新生命中文学校面向海外华人及子女和有兴趣学习中文了解中国文化的外国人, 系统教授简体字 , 普通话和汉语拼音 , 提供从最小5岁儿童至青少年的全方位中文教育。

学校自2007创办来,从最初的一个班级发展至从学前班至中文AP九个班级。中文课程包括:周日中文班和暑假中文班。我们认为小班教学更有实效,平均每班人数不超过14人。我们尊重学生的个体差异,上课时会根据学生的年龄,文化背景,不同学习习惯和方法,个人兴趣和中文的程度,选择最优教材,采用灵活的教学方法,寓教于乐的方式,轻松自然地感染学生,逐渐培养学生学习中文的兴趣,最终达到自我学习的目的。学校除了教导学生中文和传统文化以外,还会注重学生品格的培养。教养孩童, 使他走当行的道, 就是到老他也不偏离。(箴言22:6)

校長: 韓梅姐妹 

联系方式 | chineseschool.nlgc@gmail.com, 469-503-6334

New Life Chinese School has been providing top-quality Chinese language instruction to children and youth since 2007. In the beginning, we started with only 1 class. Now our students fulfill the classes from Kindergarten to Chinese AP.

If you are looking for a fun, yet educational extra-curricular activity for your children, consider our Sunday Chinese classes. The classes run for the entire school year on Sunday afternoons. We also offer Pinyin Boot Camp during summer break.  

We teach children from all different age groups (age 5 and up), with different language skill levels (K-9) and cultural backgrounds (For both Mandarin-speakers and English-speakers).

Our primary goal is to teach our students Putonghua (Standard Mandarin), modern Chinese phonetic system (Hanyu pinyin), and simplified Chinese characters, using the official language system of Mainland China. And in doing so, we accomplish our Mission:  To share and educate others about the Chinese language and culture, thereby encouraging a broader understanding and appreciation of the world beyond our borders.

Principal: Mei Han

Contact | chineseschool.nlgc@gmail.com, 469-503-6334